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Tenders of Hotel Patliputra Ashok, Patna


New Tenders for Kitchen Supply

Bakery Product

Date of Advertisement: 07.07.2017 (07 ITEMS)

LAST DATE of Ebid Submission date: 01.08.2017 up to 23.59 PM

Opening Date of Ebid: 02.08.2017 at 16.00 PM

Chicken and Egg
Vegetables and Fruits
Packaged Drinking Water


Supply of Chicken & Egg

NIQ supply of Chicken and Eggs


AMC of Airconditioners

AMC of Airconditioners

Vegetables and Fruit Supplies

Vegetables-and-fruit-supply for the year 2017 – 2018

Tender for Mutton Supply

Tender-for-Mutton-supply – LAST DATE OF BID SUBMISSION 29.05.2017 at 23:59 PM

AMC for Pest Control

Click above/ here to download document.

AMC-for-Pest-control-Services 2017-18


DTH Maintenance Tender

DTH Tender (Download Tender Document)

Ammendment to Tenders

Date of Publication: 23.01.2017,  Last Date: 18.02.2017

Amendment Bakery Items

Amendment Packaged Drinking water

Amendment Printing Stationary Items


Amendment to existing Tenders

Last Date for submission of all the tenders:  24.12.2016

Amendment Bakery Supply

Amendment Horticulture Services

Amendment Packaged Drinking Water Supply

Amendment Pest Control Service

Amendment Printing & Stationary Supply


Godrej Furniture Supply


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