GPS Tracker for Travelers


That satellite device is pretty nifty. I can see that it would be useful if you are out trekking in the wild without network access. However, it is another (costly) electronic device to carry and another monthly fee to pay.

Peobrics-GPS-TrackerA simple solution may be to use an app like Zoner on your phone. One of the features is to find the location of your phone. Your friend or relative with the code sends a coded text to your phone. The app turns on your phone gps, takes a gps reading and then the app texts the gps location back to your friend or relative. It is a simple solution but requires you be in a civilized area witha network to receive and send texts. Usually no additional travel plan is required (incoming international texts should be free and outgoing texts will cost you about 60 cents). Of course you and your phone can be separated, but the same could be said for that sat device. This solution may give you and your family some measure of security that you may be located if lost.

WORTH YOUR TRUST: Reliable and accurate GPS tracking for People and vehicles. Locates your people and your trust. Specially designed for rough use with long life span. Real time tracking, hassle-free. No extra application required, web-based tracking.
HIGH FREQUENCY: Instant updates on the movement of vehicle, current location, route taken. Uninterrupted High Frequency tracking in near real time. completely reliable.
UNIQUE DESIGN AND STYLE: Designed to Camouflage. Compact Design. Refined version of GPS; Easy installation.
ALERTS: Colour coded alerts on over speeding, over stoppage, and end to end security against misuse or thefts. Many more insights like driver details, fuel consumption etc to prevent theft. Multiple vehicles tracked on single portal.

Peobrics GPS Tracker for Bike, Motorcycle, Hidden, with in-Built Battery, Real Time, Anti Lost/Theft Device, Portable, Location Tracking Device for Vehicles, Mini, Travel, Spy, Waterproof – Black

Sleep Tracking
One of the most sought after features is Sleep Tracking: in the fitness tracking section, but sleep tracking is kind of its own topic, since not everyone works out and keep track of sleep mode. The best part of a smartwatch for travel is that you can use some high level tech to fight against jet lag.

Track your sleep (and see when you’re waking up during the night), set alerts for when to power down, and use one of my favorite smartwatch features—vibrate to wake. Ditch the outdated buzz of an alarm clock and wake up with a gentle nudge from your smartwatch to take on the day.

Peobrics GPS Tracker

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Water Resistent


Tiny can easily be hidden


Compatible with any Vehicle


Easily to Install


Access from IOS or Android