Multi Functional Hand Tool Kit for Travelers


Multi Functional Hammer Axe Hand Tool Kit Plier Knife Screwdriver Can Bottle Opener Wood Saw for Home Travel Camping Picnic is a must for Traveler. Must buy this item before you proceed for any Travel

Precaution: Must check with Airlines, if traveling by Air. Most of the knives and sharp arsenals are prohibited in Air Travel.

Flying with Power Tools
The general rule when it comes to flying with power tools – whether corded, battery-powered, or engine-powered – is that all of them need to be in your checked in luggage and are prohibited in your carry on.

However, when it comes to battery and engine-powered tools, there are some other things to keep in mind besides the above as well.
Flying with Cordless Power Tools and Spare Batteries
Battery-powered tools such as cordless drills and saws can technically travel in checked in luggage with their batteries attached, but they have to be prevented from shorting and from accidentally activating.
As such, when it comes to battery-powered tools, It is recommended to remove their batteries and put them in your carry on luggage – only putting the tool itself in your checked in luggage

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Pack content-Tools Included: 1 hammer, 1 axe, 1 pair of pliers, 1 saw, 1 wire cutter, needle nose pliers, 1 philips head screwdriver, 1 hexagonal screwdriver, 1 can opener
Item weight: 422 g
Item part number: MTA83
Suitable for- hikers and campers
Material: Forged iron

Generic and also Multi Functional Hand Tool Kit

₹ 140.00

Light Weight



  • Item weight 422 gms
  • Material Forged Iron