Robots will control your eateries

robo-restaurantArya, Ramya, Zoey, Alice, and Sansa may sound like characters from a fantasy series but the five wait tables at a restaurant in Bengaluru’s Indranagar. However, in these parts of the capital city, they remain the biggest draw, especially with the kids. They are humanoids shipped in from China at a cost of around Rs 1.8 lakh each.

Since Robot Restaurant’s official launch on August 18, thousands from Bengaluru, some even from the outskirts of the city, have already visited the place. “An average of 500 to 600 people visit the restaurant per day in a matter of seven hours and we are delighted to see how excited everyone is. We have had no free minute at work since the launch,” says Karthikeyan Ramesh, general manager of the restaurant. He added that the success of the brand in Chennai and Coimbatore led them to expand the business. The menu served at the restaurant largely comprises of Indo-Asian cuisine along with an exotic mocktail menu.

“No major expectation for the taste of the food served here as their uniqueness would be in only being tech-savvy. The first visit here has been worth it as the foods served by the robots was tasty as well,” Pradeep Padmarajaiah, a software engineer said. The restaurant, which can seat up to 50 visitors, was designed with extra space between the aisles to help the robots seamlessly navigate. Each table is equipped with a digital tablet through which dishes can be selected and ordered. Once the food is prepared, a robot is assigned to deliver the food to the table. The Android-run robots which run on Japanese technology were imported from China, Venkatesh Rajendran, founder of the restaurant told “We have been getting requests and invitations from across the country to begin operations for a similar restaurant. As of now, we have planned to begin the same abroad – in the Middle East – one in Saudi Arabia and another one in Dubai. (Source Indian Express)