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InterCity-smartBusInterCity is India’s 1st SmartBus Network. They claim to have changed the way India travels on the bus by creating a time-efficient and customer-centric travel experience. Many new benchmarks in the travel industry is created with never-before features.

InterCity have created a new fleet of dependable buses that offers safe & comfortable bus journeys. With unique features & services, these buses take care of you right from the moment you step in. Smart, safe & reliable, these buses will make bus travel a lot more dependable & safe for travellers across India.

Cancellations through the Website

  • Visit the Home page of and click on ‘Cancellations’ tab.
  • Select your ‘Order Type’ as ‘Bus’.
  • Enter your ‘Order ID’ and ‘Mobile Number’.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered number for verification. That’s it!

Current operation is Bangalore – Hyderabad – Chennai in South India and Delhi – Lucknow in North India

InterCity SmartBus Promises
On a SmartBus, they value your time this is why they claim to strive to leave on time. Every Smart Bus goes through a 12-level quality check before it reaches your boarding point so that you get an uninterrupted and comfortable travel experience.

Flexi Ticket
Change your travel plans without worrying about your money loss. InterCity has Introduced Flexi ticket, an exclusive feature on IntrCity SmartBus that lets you modify your booking till the very last hour at no extra charges. This never-before feature makes travel completely stress-free!

Safety Promise
When you travel on an IntrCity SmartBus, you travel safe. Stay connected with your loved ones with our GPS & CCTV tracking and keep them informed about the current status and location of your bus, every second, every moment.

IntrCity SmartBus Lounge
The first-of-its-kind, premium AC lounge for bus travellers. They can now wait for their bus to arrive in the comfort of an air-conditioned lounge that is equipped with all modern amenities. If we see the travel trends, till now most bus travellers have always had to wait for their buses in uneasy conditions, like isolated roads or under the glaring Sun but with the launch of IntrCity SmartBus Lounge, they get the convenience they always needed.

 Benefits of booking bus tickets through us
Wide Network of Operators: InterCity has tied up with the leading bus ticket booking aggregators across India. This gives a wide network of buses Pan-India. Presently our network contains more than 5000 operators providing services across 1 lac routes!

Privileges for Passengers: They allow passengers to choose their seats, boarding points, timings and budget. With so many options, you can surely make the best travel decision.

Online or Mobile: The bus booking system allows passengers to book bus tickets on the go using their mobile (through the mobile application) or online using the website, whichever way you want it.

Great Offers: has a list of exciting travel ticket booking offers that would make your bus travels lighter on the pockets.

InterCity SmartBus




Value for Money




Save on First Ride


Wi-Fi, GPS





  • On Line Booking
  • On Time Performance
  • Flexi Ticket
  • Safety Promise
  • Up to 20% off on Repeat


  • Limited Destination