Google Journalism and Machine Learning

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About Course

This course will introduce you to the potential of machine learning and help you reflect on how you can use it responsibly to enhance your journalism.



Machine learning (ML) already powers many products we use every day. However, it is not always apparent to us that ML is behind them.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastering Journalistic approach through ML
  • Mastering Journalistic approach through AI
  • Mastering RADAR
  • Machine Learning for Newsgathering
  • Machine Learning for News production
  • Machine Learning for News distribution

Topics for this course

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Journalism and Machine Language through Google

Journalism and Machine Learning
Bias in Machine Training00:00:00
Quiz on Machine Learning

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Material Includes

  • Google MI Lessons


  • Sound knowledge of Google Search Engine
  • Must have passed the Fundamental of Journalism by Google

Target Audience

  • Journalism Students