Technology driven Journalism: Journalism Career

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About Course

Journalism is a form of writing or communication that tells people about things that really happened, but that they might not have known about it. People who write journalism are called “journalists.” They might work at newspapers, magazines, websites or for TV channel or radio stations.

What Will You Learn?

  • Journalism conventions
  • TV Reporting and Camera facing
  • Convergent Media
  • Google News Initiative
  • Importance of Voice in Broadcast
  • TV news and production at a glance
  • AI and Journalistic Approach
  • Cloud and Cloud based service
  • Podcast Technology
  • RSS feeds Technology

Course Content

Journalism Convention
Technology journalism takes its meaning from both practice and rhetoric. Its practice as newsmaking embodies a set of expectations, practices, capabilities and limitations relative to those associated with pre-digital and non-digital forms, reflecting a difference of degree rather than kind.

  • What is Journalism
  • Convergent Media
  • Basics of TV Reporting
  • Internet and Computing
  • Skill set for Career seekers in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Importance of Voice प्रसारण में आवाज़ का महत्व
  • What is Journalism

Technology and Journalism
Technology journalism includes genres such as news, reports, and analysis covering a wide variety of topics, including communications technologies, the Internet, social media, the IT industry, scientific research, robotics, and laws and policy regarding the digital world.