Google Cloud Productivity – Drive and Google’s Office Suite


The most complete course on Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.
This course covers every aspect of each of these apps.

Google has created an amazing set of office productivity tools that anybody can use for free! This course will have you jumping right in and learning everything from the basics to some of the more advanced techniques.

If you’ve never used Google office apps before, then this course is for you. If you are already a bit familiar, this course will likely still have something for you. This curriculum has been taught in live sessions. People who claimed they knew everything they needed to about Google Drive and office apps have said that they learned more than they thought they would.

Covered in this course:

Drive: Benefits, interface, managing files, file sharing, and much more!
Docs: Document setup, interface, menu, editing tools, and much more!
Sheets: Document setup, data, charts, formulas, and much more!
Slides: Document setup, animation, presenting, and much more!
Forms: Building forms, questions, validation, responses, sharing, and much more!

Who this course is for:
Business professionals with a desire to increase efficiency and accessibility
High school and college students
People looking to transition from Microsoft to Google products
Anyone who uses office productivity software

The most complete course on Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. No prior knowledge required.