Questions on Indian Economy


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1. Who among the following presented Union Budget maximum number of times?Interesting facts on budget presentation
2. Union Budget of India is presented by whom and in which house/ houses of the Parliament?Budget of the Indian Union
3. Who among the following presented the first budget (interim) of Independent India?First Budget after Indian Independence
4. Who can declare a financial emergency in the country?Financial Emergency is a National crisis
5. Which part of the Indian Constitution has emergency provisions?
6. Which article of the Indian Constitution has provisions for a financial emergency?
7. When was the National Emergency first declared in India?
8. Emergency Provisions in the Indian Constitution are derived from the Constitution of
9. Which of the following constitutional amendment has empowered the President to declare a national emergency on a particular part of India?
10. What is the largest item of expenditure(in terms of percentage) in the Union Budget 2020-21?Explanation: The largest item of expenditure in the Union Budget 2020-21 is ‘State’s share of taxes and duties’. This item accounts to 20% share of the total expenditure of the Central Government.

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