The Companies under Covid-19 and Hospitality Jobs in 2021

The announcement from Pfizer and BioNTech regarding their first candidate COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective is a reason to celebrate for all of us, and particularly for those who are waiting to be able to switch jobs or get new jobs, to recharge, and work in a new environment with a combo of WFH and Office space.

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British research firm Crosby Textor ran a survey a couple of weeks ago across the globe which finds that job losses were the highest in India as 86 percent of those surveyed feared losing their jobs and livelihood post-Covid-19 lockdowns. In comparison, this fear is only 31 percent in Britain, 33 percent in Australia, and 41 percent in the US; and yes, a reasonably high 71 percent amongst Hongkongers.

Following Job profiles have greater impact and are more vulnerable to infection as they the Jobs are in ‘contact with others’, ‘physical proximity’, ‘exposure to disease’ will fall from favour. Medical professionals like doctors, acute care nurses, family, and general practitioners, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, emergency medical technicians, ambulance drivers, ward boys , firefighters, and police officers, people who make and serve food, deliver goods, and keep stores open, barbers, fast-food chain workers, athletic trainers, Jim Instructors and manicurists, retail salespersons, concierges, restaurant servers, and cashiers, service workers and small businesses, flight attendants and airline pilots, choreographers, dancers, actors, and singers – they are all headed to become ‘negative’ professions for a while. Dangerous jobs because of potential risk and exposure to the infection; and jobs that may dwindle in some cases because of falling consumer demand.

Careers at Airbnb suggests that there is no vacancy for India and all the Vacancy which exists today are located in China. A brief overview of the following vacancy states that the AirBnb is expanding only in China.

AIRBNB Vacancy

Claims and Safety Specialist; Beijing, China Social Media Specialist: Beijing, China
Experience Designer, Host: Beijing, China Experience Designer, Host: Beijing, China
Engineering Manager, Host: Beijing, China Senior Engineering Manager, Platform: Beijing, China
Senior Software Engineer, Backend: Beijing, China Senior Software Engineer, Payments: Beijing, China
Software Engineer, Backend: Beijing, China Software Engineer, iOS: 

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25000 Job Vacancies, by Top Notch IT Companies

25000 IT Job Vacancies, Salary Hikes Announced: Wipro, TCS, HCL, Infosys, OLA, Uber, MindTree

IT jobs? IT job vacancies? The Indian IT industry has been growing sharply amid the Covid-19 crisis, and it will continue to pick up freshers in 2020 and 2021. IT jobs hiring will increase in the second part of the financial year. IT majors Infosys, TCS, HCL, Wipro and all other top IT companies will hire a lot of freshers in the coming months.


There will be an addition of over 14,000 jobs in the next quarter by many more IT companies.

According to industry experts, the Indian IT industry is experiencing a potential V-shaped recovery. The major IT companies will soon start to onboard freshers and increase recruitment. Apart from announcing plans for hiring freshers in a, four IT giants have also confirmed salary hikes for existing employees.



HCL Will Hire 9000 Freshers In Next 180 Days

HCL Technologies has announced that they will hire close to 9000 freshers in the next 180 days. In addition all the1.5 lakh employees will receive salary hike, starting from the month of October. What are HCL’s next plans? What is the main reason behind HCL’s new move?

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HCL Will Hire 9000 Freshers

HCL Chief Human Resources Officer Apparao V has confirmed that they will hire 9000 freshers, between the period October 2020 and March 2021, that is the next 180 days. This represents last two quarters of FY2021.

HCL has confirmed, they have already on-boarded 1500 freshers in the last quarter, and their aggressive plans to hire 9000 more freshers is based on their positive business sentiments and aggressive growth projections. We have already reported that the three biggest IT firms in India: Infosys, TCS and Wipro have already hired 14,300 employees in the last 90 days.

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Salary Hike For All HCL Employees

Due to the coronavirus, HCL along with other IT firms had stopped salary increments, which is now changing. Due to the increase in both revenues and net profits, HCL has declared salary increment for all 1.5 lakh employees. The company an stunning increase of 20% in quaterly deal pipeline, which has instilled more confidence within the HCL management.

While some of the employees will receive salary increment from October (E3 level), the rest of the workforce (E4 and above levels) will get salary increments from January onwards.

Last year, HCL had declared 6% salary hike for Indian employees, and 2.5% salary hike for overseas employees. It’s expected that the same appraisal percentage will be repeated this year as well, although no official confirmation has come in.

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