With Skill development, PM Modi highlights the importance of self-reliance

Addressing a digital conclave on World Youth Skill Day, PM Modi also underlined that there is a difference between skill and knowledge and said people often confuse the two. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a digital conclave on World Youth Skills Day, in New Delhi on July 15th, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said no matter how educated a person is, one must always be ready to acquire new skills. He said skill, re-skilling and upskilling is the only way to remain relevant in the ever changing market scenario.

Alexa SkillSpeaking on the occasion of the World Youth Skill Day, the PM said, “The biggest strength of the millennials is their ability to get skilled.”

“The ongoing cornonavirus pandemic has changed the work culture and started the concept of work from home; for this the youth are acquiring new skills keeping in mind the new work culture and new nature of job,” he added.

“People ask me business and markets are changing too fast, it’s hard to remain relevant. In times of corona, this is even more relevant. My answer to that is to skill, re-skill and upskill. To keep learning new skills is to re-skill and continuing to scale it up is to upskill,” he said.

The PM, who has in the past stressed on self-reliance and the need to become employment generators, said, “Skill is something which you give yourself and which is timeless and keeps getting better with time, it is unique and makes your different from others, makes you self-reliant and also self-employable.”

PM Modi also underlined that there is a difference between skill and knowledge and said people often confuse the two.

“People get confused between Knowledge and skill. You can watch on YouTube or read in books how to ride a bike, this is Knowledge, but to ride a bike you need skill,” he said.

Referring to the work opportunity for skilled people he said there is a requirement for lakhs of skilled people especially in the health sector. “…That is why we have started skill mapping. Information about which country needs skilled works in which sector will be available,” he said.

He also referred to the portal for skill mapping of migrant labour that has been started and said employers can connect with labour at the click of a button.

“Friends, in today’s rapidly changing world, millions of skilled people are needed in many sectors. There is a huge potential, especially in health services,” PM Modi said.

AI-deep-learningHe also spoke about the skilling centres opened by the government and how the number of ITIs was increased with diversified framework.

“During this, skill development of more than 5 crore people has been done. And this campaign continues,” he said.

The PM also reiterated that people should remember to stay healthy, maintain social distancing, wear mask and stop spitting during the worldwide pandemic.


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